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I LOVE whoever came up with #TBT!!!!


tbtI don’t know WHO’S idea it was to “take it back to the old school”, but I am in LOVE.  If you aren’t hip to #tbt, you must be living under a rock somewhere. Chances are you’ve seen baby pics of your favorite stars on IG or Twitter with the hashtag ‘Throwback Thursday’.  It’s a chance to reminisce about the times when you actually COULDN’T text, you had to use a *gasp* TELEPHONE to TALK. Or maybe, you remember when DJ’S actually carried around crates and crates of RECORDS.  You know what records are right?  Those circular things.  Anyhoo…..EVERY THURSDAY we take it BACK to the Old School.  And who better to take it back to the Old School than everybody’s favorite DJ ZOG, who by the way knows so much about old school not because he’s OLD.  Because he took a class.  or whatever.  Anyway, JOIN US!  Every Thursday at 5 on #Power96!