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Is Chris trying to tell Rihanna something?


Just another day of Chris Brown being..well…Chris Brown! Apparently he wants the world to know he still loves Rihanna! We all know Chris can sing, duh..but can he sing his way back to Rihanna’s heart? He recently dropped a mix tape titled “X-Files” (emphasis on the X) now is it me or is that a desperate cry for Rihanna’s attention? DON’T DO IT GIRL!!!! We all know where that road leads…NOWHERE!

 rihanna chris 2

The song I’m speaking about in particular is called “A Love to Remember”..Pause sir, i dont think she wants to remember!! ANYWAY,  he proceeds to sing about a male who turns to alcohol to cope with the pain of losing a female..oh hey sir.. you just got out of rehab for anger management can we not sing about being an alcoholic? Clearly hes lost it but i hope Rihanna is smart enough to ignore this desperate cry for attention.. such a broken record if you ask me! But oh well..love is love right?!?!? Til next time folks!