Miami's Party Station


Lucy Lopez

Packing for the AMAs

The Morning Show was asked to cover the AMA’s this weekend all the way in Los Angeles. I am scared of flying. I hate packing. I have a serious hotel phobia, but I’m going anyway. Who in their right mind would say NO to hanging out with celebs, Will Calder (oh yeah he’s going – he might kill me) loud music and the possibility of lecturing Miley Cyrus. I promise you I will tell her to put her tongue back in her mouth. I’m freaking out. It’s not that I’m scared of flying…I’m scared of the take off. Vodka don’t fail me now!

This is way too exciting for me. I need to go to sleep … I need to eat a fish Taco… I need to hug a panda bear… I MUST MEET LEONARDO DICAPRIO!
Anyways…this is a picture of what I’ve packed so far…for my three day trip.  Is it enough? AMA’s here I come…xoxoxo
Picture 3