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Kanye & Kim have SEX in the OUTDOORS!


OMG!!!! My jaw is dropped to the FLOOR! So Kanye recently released a new video for BOUND 2 featuring baby momma Kim Kardashian. The censored video is okay, the uncensored is Wooooow! This girl is displaying the talents that initially made her super famous. She’s riding with him on a motorcycle as she has SEX with him! I seriously felt like I was watching part 2 of a Kim sex tape! You can see her body parts jiggle and her facial expressions are saying ohhh so much! What I want to know is what the hell were they REALLY doing on the set of the video? Cuz she sure did act the exact the same way in that tape with Ray J. We knew another tape would come out eventually, but we didn’t think it would be in a MUSIC video. A personal sexy tape for your man, I get. But to continue to push the envelope with your sexuality over and over again to stay relevant is too much. And you JUST had a baby, give it some time girl! Her dad must be rolling in his grave. Am I just being an undercover hater because she’s beautiful, successful, and has the perfect body? Or do you kinda get where I’m going? IDK but that video is definitely something else! Google it! It’s waaaaay to much for me to post.

-Ya Chica Ivy