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Happy Thanksgiving Party People!!!


Ok ok sooo the holidays are officially HERE!!!! Now for me, I’m from up North so the fact that I could sit on the beach right now is just beyond dope! I’m used to snow and family… but now its all about sun and radio :) Its no secret, the holidays are the only excuse to turn up and be thankful…Yes, be thankful for all you do have, even that crazy baby mama or baby daddy that drives you crazy..or that girl who stalks your instagram(oh yes the thirst is still extra real during the holidays)….or those crazy family members you don’t get along with but have to just for the sake of the holiday


..OR… you could just pull a Kanye West and go off on everybody at the table…either way, i hope everybody has a dope holiday..ohh and please remember…the turn up is real, so turn up SAFLEY :) HAPPY THANKSGIVING PARTY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TurnDown4What

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