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Why it’s NEVER okay to TEXT and shop!


Shopping 101 with DD:

OK so its no secret, tis the season to SHOP..i mean its only the BIGGEST shopping day of the year..duh! If your like me…you go in knowing what you need then GET OUT! OR you can be a “serial shopper” and walk around the whole mall til you find it is what your looking for which is totally fine if you have the patience to do it BUT … nothing kills me more than trying to get what i need and your stuck behind…a TEXTER!!!

window shopper


oh yes, the ones looking down at their phone instead of WALKING!!! The one who slows you down, the one who you CUT OFF as if you were driving..ohhh yes they exist!!! Don’t be that guy, please! Shop safely and please don’t forget to TURN UP!!!! That is all… til next time folks, SHOP SAFE and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!