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4 months ago

Biggest JUNK in the Celeb world! Arsenio Hall? Marc Anthony?

Well you can never judge a book by it’s cover! Wow are there some surprises here! According to a group of “socialites” who had a lot of sex in the ’80s and ’90s, ARSENIO HALL had the biggest manhood of them all.  He was followed by JOHN AMOS from “Good Times” and JAMES WOODS. Even […]


5 months ago

Art Basel Miami Beach 2013: The 20 Events You Simply Can’t Miss

It’s that time of year again, art world. Art Basel Miami Beach is back with more over-the-top insanity than ever before, and we’re not going to lie, we’re pretty excited about it.

John Duhe

5 months ago

Carmen (Wrecking Ball)

Carmen needs a wrecking ball….why?!?! Who knows….

John Duhe

5 months ago

Busted (The Tutor)

   If your son makes perfect grades, but your wife insists on hiring a young (much better looking than you) tutor…..something is definitely off!!!  


5 months ago

Cyber Monday deals on phones, TVs, clothes

I personally love Cyber Monday…compared to waiting in line for 4 hours on Thanksgiving! Are the deals the same though? Cyber Monday, the fake online-shopping holiday begun eight years ago, has many retailers offering discounts.


5 months ago


Lindsay Lohan is suing GTAV for basing a character on her.


5 months ago

RON BURGANDY does the NEWS! For Real…tho’!

Don’t know about you…but this instantly put a smile on my face.