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Biggest JUNK in the Celeb world! Arsenio Hall? Marc Anthony?


Well you can never judge a book by it’s cover! Wow are there some surprises here! According to a group of “socialites” who had a lot of sex in the ’80s and ’90s, ARSENIO HALL had the biggest manhood of them all.  He was followed by JOHN AMOS from “Good Times” and JAMES WOODS. Even Marc Anthony made it! Ladies, you can’t judge those short & skinny dudes! They’ll run up on you with a surprise you’ll never forget! lol No wonder J. Lo stuck around as long as she did despite rumors of being super miserable. That’ll keep a chic around just a little while longer! KOLA BOOF wrote this list  . . . a writer and activist who was also one of  OSAMA BIN LADEN’s mistresses. Yea, such a reliable source. This chic was part of something called the Alpharetta Secret Sisters Society . . . a group of some 200 black female socialites who saw A LOT OF CELEBRITY PENISES between the 1980s and the early 2000s. She grabbed all her info from these loosey gooseys put together a list of the 20 biggest during that era! I’m sure some of you ladies will now see these dudes in a whole new light!


1.  Arsenio Hall

2.  John Amos

3.  James Woods

4.  John Ritter

5.  (tie)  Rick Fox and Vin Diesel

7.  Michael Jordan

8.  Actor / model Jon-Erik Hexum

9.  Jerry Seinfeld

10.  Former NAACP head Kweisi Mfume

11.  Kareem Abdul Jabbar

12.  “Days of Our Lives” actor Thaao Penghlis

13.  Ron O’Neal . . . star of the blaxploitation classic “Superfly”

14.  Marc Anthony

15.  Keith Sweat

16.  Retired NBA star John Salley

17.  50 Cent

18.  Mekhi Phifer

19.  Australian tennis pro Patrick Rafter

20.  Raphael Saadiq