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12 months ago

Lisa Lampanelli — Check Me Out … I’m F****** Skinny! HOLY MOLY!

Lisa Lampanelli has pulled a Jonah Hill … the comedian dropped more than a hundred pounds in the last year and now she’s showing off her new bod.Lisa…


12 months ago

Single forever…..?

Be honest. Those couples who are always kissing in public annoy you. Yeah, me too. But only because I’m SINGLE. Truth be told, I would love to be in a relationship. But alas, I’m not. I’m very….very….SINGLE. And what makes this worse are of course the HOLIDAYS. You know, that time of year when jewelry […]


12 months ago

The Future Of Television?

GBOX by Matricom is changing the game on how we watch TV at home. more info: deejaymonsta@gmail.com


12 months ago

What does the Kardashians’ bizarre Christmas card really mean?

And Kanye and Lamar have made it in; on the cover of magazines strewn on the floor.


12 months ago

Judge: Detroit can proceed with bankruptcy

A federal judge has given a green light for Detroit to proceed with its bankruptcy, the largest municipal bankruptcy in history.


12 months ago

What is EDM anyways?

So true.  

Rolling Stone Magazine

12 months ago

Jay Z Brings New Material to Life at ‘Magna Carter’ Tour Kickoff

In the nearly two decades since Jay Z first appeared on the hip-hop scene, an ex-crack-dealing Brooklynite with a sweet cadence and tragic wit, the ma

Christopher Tippie

12 months ago

This is a sample post by Chris Tippie

This is a summary one two three This is some more text   Right now @OfficialTLC is performing "Waterfalls" with @LilMama at the #AMAs2013 #platoscloset – @DJBonics pic.twitter.com/67mKT8Tz6m — Wired 96.5 (@wired965philly) November 25, 2013


12 months ago

Giving Tuesday Is Selfless Response To Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Between the extra helpings and extra items in the cart, you might forget the holidays aren’t actually about taking, but giving rather. And Giving Tuesday, celebrated on Dec. 3 this year, provides a gateway into just that.

John Duhe

12 months ago

Busted (My “Not-So” Best Friend)

Dont mess with your friends man, that’s just not cool!!!