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Single forever…..?


Be honest.

Those couples who are always kissing in public annoy you. Yeah, me too. But only because I’m SINGLE. Truth be told, I would love to be in a relationship. But alas, I’m not. I’m very….very….SINGLE.

And what makes this worse are of course the HOLIDAYS. You know, that time of year when jewelry store sales go up like 200%. “He went to Jared…”. UGH, SHUT. UP.

Anyway, I digress. The point of this rant of mine was a question I discussed amongst my ALSO VERY SINGLE FRIENDS last night. We discussed over a bottle of wine, wait, or was it 2? Nevermind, stay with me here. We discussed if we would rather be single FOREVER or in a relationship that wasn’t really that special or great.

What do YOU think the outcome of that convo was? If you guessed single forever then you would be correct. Here’s why.

No matter how lonely the holidays get, or how much your parents keep asking when you are gonna “settle down and find a good guy”…none of us are willing to settle.

And so until my dream guy comes, preferably one who loves kids, and has a kind heart, OH, and who looks like Pharrell, Idris, AND Michael Ealy combined…I’ll wait. And keep checking that last box…


because….He’s coming.