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4 months ago

[WATCH] First Trailer: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′

Fans eagerly awaiting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 rejoice — the first trailer for the highly anticipated sequel has just been released, and is bound to have moviegoers excited for Spidey’s big return.


4 months ago

Justin Bieber ‘detained for two hours after insulting female customs officer’

Justin Bieber doesn’t make things easy for himself after he was allegedly almost arrested for insulting a female customs officer.


4 months ago

Amanda Bynes Leaves Rehab — Where Is She Headed Next?

Actress completes inpatient treatment and has moved back to her parents’ home.


4 months ago

Kim Kardashian Strolls With North West, Has Second Best Day Ever

Kim Kardashian was spotted spending her day in New York City taking a stroll with baby girl North West.


4 months ago

Paul Walker Tribute Video: Fast & Furious’ Farewell to One of the Good Guys

The Fast & Furious franchise has put together a moving tribute to the late Paul Walker, featuring some of his best moments from the films.


4 months ago

‘X Factor’ Recap: Carlito Olivero Amps Up The Diva

See how your favorite contestants did in Wednesday’s episode.


4 months ago

Smart Bra is NOT so smart!

Microsoft researchers are developing a bra with sensors that could monitor a woman’s emotional state to combat overeating. In related news…women around the world want their rights back. This bra is the equivalent to: putting a leash on a toddler or having government officials decide on what us women should do with our vaginas! Like […]