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12 months ago

Grammy Awards 2014: Full Nominations List

Nominations for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards were announced Friday (Dec. 6), with select categories getting a primetime rollout during the “Grammy Nominations Concert Live!!” special on CBS. In terms of sheer numbers, Jay Z leads all with nine total nominations including best rap album; Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Justin Timberlake, and Pharrell […]


12 months ago

HILARIOUS Video! Jimmy Kimmel Puts Kids Through Holiday Lie Detector Test!

This might be the cutest thing you see all day! Jimmy Kimmel gets in the Christmas spirit by testing two brothers’ truth-telling abilities with a fake lie…


12 months ago

Lindsay Lohan Poses In Cutout Swimsuit While In Miami

Lindsay Lohan took some time from soaking up the Florida sunshine to pose in a cutout swimsuit for her Instagram followers.


12 months ago

Kanye West being Kanye West…

They always say sequels arent as good as part 1, right?!?! Well Kanye West is trying to prove us all wrong! So he annouced a “Yeezus Sequel” oh yes you heard right, PART 2!…Are you ready for the shocker…wait for it…wait for it…Its only going to have 8 songs! According to an interview he did with […]


12 months ago

Lil Kim says ‘[Female Rappers] Don’t Get The Art Of Unity’

What ever happened to the days of female rappers embracing each other? According to Lil Kim, those days are definitely over and the new girls are all out for self. During a recent interview with XXL, she claimed that rappers nowadays don’t get the art of unity: You have other women out there who

Will Calder

12 months ago

Hilarious Christmas song from local guy J RAND… What does he want for Christmas?

Santa Gimme (HO HO HO HO HO HOS) I think that’s a good plan… I’ll take that too. Download on iTunes Now!

John Duhe

12 months ago

Carmen (Wrong Prescription)

Carmen takes meds?!?! Never would’ve guessed….

John Duhe

12 months ago

Busted (The Drug Dealer)

This guy sits at home all day playing PlayStation, he doesn’t have a job, but he drives a Benz?? Yeah, something seems a little off!


12 months ago

Christmas Gifts for Her (Under $20)

These beauty gifts will blow your mind with how expensive they look and how inexpensive they actually are.


12 months ago

Obama explains why he can’t use an iPhone

Video on Today: President Obama recently explained that he has to keep using his loyal Blackberry device because the security settings on the iPhone aren’t strong enough for him.  He also revealed that only 10 people know his personal e-mail address.