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The TRUTH behind the Miami Classic song “Mi Burrito”


In other places the snow, fireplaces and hot cocoa kick off the holiday season…BUT, it’s not officially Christmas in MIAMI until Power 96 plays the classic X-Mas song MI BURRITO! There are dozens of versions/remixes to this song, but this is THE one real South Floridians know and love. Everyone from your abuelita to your little sister love it! And you can’t seem to get the words “dookie dookie dookie dookie” out of your head. No matter how many times you’ve heard it, every single year it seems to give you that same warm holiday feeling inside! It gets you hype to go shopping, bake some yummy cookies, and to do your holiday booty dance in your car. The song is called “Mi Burrito Sabanero” by Choco. BUT….Who the HELL is Choco? Is Choco a DJ who remixed this song? Or the little kid that’s probably 45 by now who sings in the song? It’s a mystery! I’ve asked everyone from the cashier at Sedanos to the DJ’s here at Power 96 and NO ONE seems to know! I googled until my fingers went numb and this is all I could find. An explanation on Wikipedia (which is definitely NOT the most reliable source.) And I’m not even sure if they’re referring to the same song:

El Burrito de Belén” (English: The Donkey of Bethlehem), which the original title is “El Burrito Sabanero” (English: The Little Donkey from The Savannah), is a Christmas song from Venezuela and very popular in Latin America. It was written by the venezuelan musician and composer Hugo Blanco, and has been recorded many times by many popular artists. The venezuelan children group La Rondallita originally recorded the song in 1976 with the lead vocal of the child Ricardo Cuenci, and was a big hit in Latin America.”

Soooo….Now that I’m even more confused, the question still lies. What is the TRUTH behind “Mi Burrito?” I’m not sure if it will ever be answered. But I do know that no matter what, Christmas in Miami is just NOT the same without POWER 96 playing our exclusive version of “Mi Burrito!”

Happy Holidays Amigos!