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12 months ago

Could Virgin Galactic launch tourist trips to the Moon by 2043?

Space excursions beyond sub-orbital flights could become reality if companies like Virgin Galactic realize their ambitions.


12 months ago

Thousands Gather for Paul Walker’s Memorial

Thousands gathered on Sunday afternoon for a memorial service to remember the late Paul Walker at the site in Santa Clarita, Calif. in which a fiery car crash took the 40-year-old actor’s life.  


12 months ago

Paris Hilton’s Brother Barron — I’m Gonna SUE Lindsay Lohan … For Masterminding My Bloody Beatdown

Paris Hilton’s brother Barron is about to take Lindsay Lohan to her favorite place — no, not the Chateau Marmont — he’s planning to take her ass to…


12 months ago

The Wanted’s Siva Kaneswaran Engaged

The boy band member confirms his engagement to longtime girlfriend Nareesha McCaffrey.


12 months ago

I swear this chick is the biggest groupie in the world!!

I don’t understand how some women get so lucky to have dated nothing but Athletes and Artists, but they claim they are not gold diggers. Now tell me,   how Evelyn Lozada just divorced Chad Johnson and now is pregnant by a professional Baseball Player? #Groupies!!


12 months ago

Kanye West Compares Performing His Yeezus Tour To Being A Police Officer Or A Soldier!

Kanye West claims to be “putting his life at risk” onstage!


12 months ago

Justin Bieber’s ‘Journals’ Collection to Drop In Time For Christmas

Last week, Billboard tweeted that Justin Bieber was set to close out his Music Mondays promotion–releasing a new song a week on iTunes for 10 week


12 months ago

Floridians Are Losing Their Minds on Synthetic Cannabis

Recently, a St. Petersburg man named Kenneth Robert Sprankle smoked synthetic marijuana, grabbed an axe, and began chasing terrified citizens before being shot to death by police. Sprankle is the most…


12 months ago

Rebecca Black Is Over Friday! Hear Her New Single Saturday HERE!!!

Rebecca Black finally sings Saturday!


12 months ago

Man asleep on an airplane…get’s left on plane!

THE MORNING BUZZ: THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED TO YOU THAT NOONE WOULD BELIEVE!!! Man gets left on plane bc he was asleep! JP has three topless women pull up on him on 95! Lucy Lopez goes in on a nosey shopper…and BIG LIP was almost kidnapped in Santo Domingo. THE MAN LEFT ON THE PLANE […]