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and yet she’s still your friend….#GirlTalk


Admit it. We ALL have that ONE friend…you know, the one who’s OVERLY flirtatiously with your man at parties. You know who I’m talking about. The friend who can flirt her out of anything. The one who ALWAYS has money even with NO JOB. The one who does uh…shall we say QUESTIONABLE things. Yes, that friend.

So today’s #GirlTalk was dedicated to ….THAT FRIEND. Fill in the blank. I LOVE my girl, but I would never leave her with my man because_______?

I heard things like….

“she’s a damn hoe…”

“she sat on my man’s lap at a party…”

“she’s known to sleep with other people’s men…”

“she’s psychopath when she drinks…”

“she’s a DAMN HOE!!!…”

And yes, she may indeed be a HOE. But hasn’t she always been the one you could call late at night and cry your eyes out over that jerk who didn’t deserve you in the first place?? (her words) And hasn’t she always been the one who had your back when and if it EVER went down inside the club with that girl giving you the side eye? Yeah sure, she’s got a few notches on her belt. Hell, who am I kidding. She ran outta room on her belt. But….she’s still your friend.