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Is Bieber Fever over yet?


Just when i thought Bieber fever was over, its about to start back up AGAIN! Ok so check it..Justin Bieber is set to release a collection called “Journals” which will feature 5 unreleased tracks and oh oh wait for it….it will even include a few videos and trailer for his “Believe” theatrical release…and wait one more time, it gets better….Its set to release just in time for your Christmas listening pleasure :)



But seriously, i really thought Bieber Fever was almost gone, with all his run in’s with the law, speeding tickets and late night hookers i swore the fever was over…Am i the only one who thinks this?!?! Oh well!! I’m sure I’ll talk to you Beliebers when these songs get released! Til next time party people, always remember to TURN UP and TURN UP RESPONSIBLY