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Is Social Media Destroying Your Human Relationships? – Watch This Eye Opening Animation ‘The Innovation of Loneliness’!

www.shockmansion.com / DJ LS


In a world of ultra connectedness, loneliness is one of the most common human ailments. Graphic designer Shimi Cohen illustrates the connection between social networks and being lonely.

It’s your boy DJ LS here and I love this presentation because it truly illustrates how far technology is driving us all apart.  Everyone knows everyone but they know no one.  So many people are losing their ability to communicate and instead are screaming louder than ever with every single post they upload on facebook, twitter, instagram or other.  They put their personal business out there acting as if they are not affected by the drama yet their post is nothing more than a plea for help, support or advice.  We all know a few people in our timelines who continuously complain, scream, and spew ignorance all across our news feed.  I hate how social media has become the one outlet for everyone’s voice yet no one takes responsibility in what they say anymore.  No more educated discussions, no more inquisitive thought, no more gathering of minds.  It’s all graffiti on the net. No one wants to talk anymore, they just want to post.  They want to scream using keyboard strokes and never again have to support their arguments.  If I can post and people give me likes, then I’m obviously right. I can’t stand ignorance across social media.

In conclusion, I believe we are  beginning to fear the very thing social media does for all of us, we are terrified of coming together in person yet on social media we do nothing more than seek connections every single day.  We all want to know everyone but we wish to not meet anyone.  This video helps you see the underlining behavior and pattern which is growing everyday.

Repost and start a conversation.


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