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DM’s On Instagram Will Not End Well…


I will start this off by saying, why?????

The groupie jump off is about to get REAL! Basketball wives, Love & Hip Hop ladies, Real Housewives of whatever, get ready! The groupies are about to take this ish to the next level!!!

You guys were worried that Jay, Beyonce, Kanye, & others were the Illuminati but ya’ll got it twisted. Instagram is the devil!!!! This is a trap! They are waiting for you to fall for this cute little feature that they propose as, “sending your kids photos to relatives” or “sharing that special moment with the one you love”….BULLSHIT! IT’S A TRAP!!! DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!

And I LOVE how Instagram has the set up where when you’re about to upload a new photo, you have to select whether it’ll be directly to someone or to the public. I foresee tons of penis pics being uploaded accidentally to the public soon.




I love Kid Fury, he is my twin that I’ve never met. He sums up the new instagram feature in his latest vlog.

Strong language in this video. Viewer discretion is advised.

P.S.- DON’T DO IT!!!

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