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Girls. Love. Beyonce.


“Beyoncé Surprises Fans With New Album..”
“Beyonce’s game change: a surprise album release..”
“Beyonce announces, releases new album ‘Beyonce’ on the same day…”
“Celebs go nuts over surprise Beyonce album…”

These were some of the headlines you may have woken up to this morning. Or maybe you were there at a little before midnight when Beyonce Knowles aka Mrs.Carter aka Mrs. Carter dropped her surprise album. With…get this, NO PROMOTION. And no fair warning either. Allow me introduce myself to you….My name is Afrika and I LOSE MY MIND over this woman. I am a certifiable member of the BEY HIVE! And I’m not the only one. Most girls love Beyonce. *cues Drake*

Hey listen man, sure she can sing. And DANCE? C’mon. The girl’s moves need no explanation. And acting….well, never mind. We don’t need to go there. In fact, let’s just forget that happened.


But for me, it’s about way more than that. Way more. You know what matters more than all her accolades? More than all her sold out concerts not just in the United States but AROUND THE WORLD?? For me, it’s that she has proven that she is a BRAND. I imagine her saying something like “…screw the record company, I don’t need em to promote ME!” Who ELSE releases a WHOLE ALBUM COMPLETE WITH VIDEOS FOR EACH SONG WITH NO PROMOTION NEEDED?!? She does. Queen B.


This in my opinion is a valuable lesson for girls. You are your OWN BRAND. No, we all can’t have her life. But we can follow the blueprint she and so many others have laid out for us. Do. YOU. Whether you are a secretary, business owner, hell….FLIP BURGERS. Make ‘em say, “…you see that girl ______? man, she’s damn good.” Be the BEST burger flipper you can! Find YOUR lane and RIDE. I won’t ever have her life, but I got mine and my goal is to be the BEST ME I can be.

And maybe one day people will be like, “….you remember that girl AFRIKA??? man, she was DAMN GOOD.” Nah, second thought….she was the BEST!