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Chris Brown probation REVOKED!


Not everybody loves Chris! Earlier today in LA a judge revoked Chris’s probation and ordered him to stay in rehab instead of jail… dude got a break, AGAIN!! In case you forgot, Chris is still under probation for the beating of former boo thang Rihanna, and yea those anger issues arent helping his situation, at all! Obviously!.

 chris 1

 In conclusion, Chris is due back in court in February to check on his progress in rehab… Okay lets get real, there’s no changing this guy!  This is the SECOND time this year his probation has been revoked… did we forget this is the same guy who tried to get marijuanna in rehab bc he said he was prescribed for a medical condition?!?! Medical condition? YOUR CRAZY! ! Obviously homie has some issues deeper than rehab! Til next time folks… TURN UP!!!!!!!!!