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John Duhe

4 months ago

Carmen Call (Christmas Play)

  Carmen wants her pitbull to play Rudolph in a children’s play?!? Not a good idea..

Lucy Lopez

4 months ago


I hate cats, but NOT this month. This cat did what everyone should do if confronted by this abominable snow beast wearing nothing more than a polyester blend pj set.  Forget the fact that she kicked the cat first…look at what she’s wearing!  This CAT holds a special place in my heart forever, or as […]

Lucy Lopez

4 months ago

MORNING BUZZ: The WORST Christmas Present Ever.

I Lucy Lopez hated a white/frilly/lace/tule/ribbon infested sweater my dad’s mom gave me.  It was the worst Christmas gift of my life. Our producer John Duhe got a pack of Lionel Richie CD’s and a mouse pad from his grandmother. JP’s brother in law got a Joker t shirt and let everyone at the house […]


4 months ago

Santa really exists!

Zach Galifianakis as Santa Claus is the best thing ever! It’s the little things that make me smile! – Lucy Lopez


4 months ago

Kim Kardashian Slams Waxing Rumors

I really don’t see the big deal? I’m kidding. I do. I just feel that she airbrushed the photo. Who in their right mind would do that? I highly doubt she did something that cruel to her beautiful daughter. Kim 1 World 0. – Lucy Lopez


4 months ago

My 5 Fav Things!

I may not be Oprah- but I will “fake it til’ I make it!” lol If your still having a hard time figuring out out what to get that special someone- here are a few ideas. These are my top 5 gift ideas that I think any girl would love to have! 1. Places and […]


4 months ago

▶ #XMAS JAMMIES -Video- YouTube

A video Christmas Card- My Jammies! Hilariously cute!