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10 months ago

Miley “Loves” Herself In New Video Teaser

In the “I sure as hell never wanted to see that news,” Miley Cyrus uploaded a teaser vid to her Instagram page of her upcoming video for “Adore You” which is set to drop on the 26th. It features her…well….loving herself per say. Ma’am….just stop. http://instagram.com/p/iM6fgMQzIG/   Follow me! Twitter, Instagram, Facebook!


10 months ago

Demi Lovato — How Dare ‘X Factor’ Joke About My Drinking Problem

This is just low down. Shame on those X Factor producers!! Demi Lovato is furious at the producers of “X Factor,” grousing that she was blindsided by a skit that mocked her addiction … TMZ has learned.Mario…