Miami's Party Station

Hey! Where’s the snow?!?!?!


Holiday season in the Magic City! Okay so check it…I’m from up north born and raised outside of Philly so the holidays here in Miami are quite strange to me… I’m used to going into the woods and cutting down my own tree, not riding down Biscayne and stopping on the corner, no hot chocolate here because it’s already HOT lol and no sipping wine by the fire place well bc like i said..Its already HOT!!!!


I’m sure half of you have never even seen snow..OMG!! There’ s nothing like waking up Christmas morning and jumping into a huge pile of it!!!! Also, I’m Italian so my holiday traditions are a lot different then those here, we don’t roast pigs, we drink homemade wine and eat pasta! Traditions are traditions and we all have different ones! Either way, i hope everybody had a dope holiday and i hope an even better New Year! Keep the turn up going and always remember to turn up responsibly! Til next time …Happy Holidays party people!