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First of all, Merry Christmas to you and all from your boy DJ LS! Christmas has come and gone so quickly that we almost forget what it is all about.  The holidays when growing up for me where a time of family get togethers, parties and just good feelings all around.  Now as an adult I realize that we have lost all those good things that made the holidays so special.  Our families grow older and farther apart.  Our gift expectations are far greater than ever before and we can’t wait for Christmas to arrive only to realize it has already left us.

This Christmas, I offer to all of you a token of thought.  As we experience the holidays take every moment in and embrace it.  You see, I’ve learned that we go everyday hoping and waiting for the next best thing, whether it be a vacation, holiday or celebration of some sort and as soon as those moments arrive we forget how excited we were and ultimately forget about the moment and focus on the next best thing.  This holiday season, STOP, and smell the roses.  Take time to fully enjoy every moment, experience, interaction and quality time spent with those we love so much.  Enjoy your holidays this 2013 but this time, take the time to actually enjoy them.  Don’t let your world fly by because you were too busy hoping the next stop was the better.  There is nothing better than the present and that is where you are today, right now.  Enjoy it, smile, take a deep breath and go live the beautiful life in 2014.  Happy holidays and thank you for listening to Miami’s #1 station, POWER 96!