Miami's Party Station

Miami aka The Best City Evar.



So if there was ever a contest for the best city in America, Miami would obviously win. I used to think that I just thought this, or that every city had shows that took place in their idealistic setting that we call home, BUT NO. Miami is special. We have Cuban food. The Miami Heat. (Big duh) Awesome (but sometimes too hot…) weather. Um… THE BEACH. Nightlife. The U!! (Had to shoutout my school tho)

I could really go on if you asked me to but I digress… Sure. We have the worst drivers in America. But is that really going to stop you from coming to/living in the best city of America? No. Any night at LIV will make up for that. No, we didn’t build this city on rock n’ roll, we built it on cocaine: BADASS.

J.J. Colagrande, a Miami-Dade professor and contributor for HuffingtonPost.com writes all about it if you need anymore convincing.


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