Miami's Party Station

A look back


Well we made it, its the last day of 2013… what an amazing year, lucy lopez joined the morning show, Big Lip took his sons lebron’s away and made him cry for our enjoyment, A self proclaimed rapper threatened to beat me up (THE INFERNO) so we played his horrible song and made fun of it…(lmao)

Big lip got breast reduction surgery (wtf?) And then he hemorriode surgery (WTF AGAIN?)  Lucy allowed Ron Magil from Zoo Miami to place Madagascar Cockroaches on her head (crazy but awesome) We almost gave Pricilla (big lips girlfriend) a heart attack with our halloween scare prank, Lucy Lopez flew to LA to cover the AMA’s and made it to TMZ thanks to crazy ass Billy Ray Cyrus…

We came together and helped those affected by tornadoes in OKC, We helped families have an amazing Thanksgiving and we invited you for breakfast at Vicky’s.

And last but not least my beautiful baby girl Aria Valentina Perez was born the day before Thanksgiving making me the happiest and luckiest man on earth =)

A special thank you to each and everyone of you that allow us in to your cars and your homes every morning, it means the world to us and we thank you for your continued support..

ok now I’m starting sound like a politician (lol)

Here’s to an amazing 2014

Happy New Year from the POWER 96 MORNING SHOW 2013-happy-new-year-wallpapers-15