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Change your life….NOW!




2013 has without a doubt been my best year in many areas of my life but most importantly its been the biggest year of growth for my career and professional life.  I have made countless sacrifices to reach many of the goals I reached this year.  Here are a few of my milestones for 2013.

1. Graduated with my Master’s in Business

2. DJ on a cruise ship which traveled the coast of Alaska (Amazing experience)

3. DJ in Las Vegas for the Latin Grammy’s including opening up for Enrique Iglesias

4. Launched my new website

5. Opened my mobile DJ services company

6. Bought myself a new car

7. DJ in Nashville, TN

8. DJ NYE in front of 1,000’s at the world famous Clevelander Hotel South Beach

Those are just a few of the most significant professional achievements.  I have also had many personal milestones but those are for me to know about.

When you have a moment, I want you to take 15 minutes to right down all your milestones and achievements this past year. Right down as many things small and big as you can remember.  Then I want you to write down your goals and milestones for 2014.  Think about everything you want to accomplish in 2014.  Then think about how you can stretch everything you accomplished this year. Taking 30 minutes out of your day to focus on YOU is something we all need to do and need to tell our loved ones to do.

Life is about enjoying the journey, it’s about going thru the struggle to cherish the reward.  It means growing each day and becoming someone smarter, more qualified, more skillful etc.  All that takes time and effort and discipline.  Make yourself a promise and challenge yourself in 2014.  Let go of the old drama, stress, problems, negative people, bad situations and all that which does not help you grow and start fresh in 2014.  Open your arms, your heart and most importantly your mind to new positive things that will make you stronger and wiser.  Take 30 minutes and change your life starting NOW!