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5 Trends To Leave In 2013!!!


This list features some of what started as my fav moments from 2013 but they lasted so long now they are played out! Let’s leave them behind and hope that 2014 inspires some new trends so we can ‘keep it moving’!

1. Twerking



When my Mom asked me for the definition of “twerking” I knew this trend was over!  Girls in Miami been twerking way before Miley shook her lil’ booty at the VMA’s! Miley may have brought it to the mainstream- but in Miami we been twerkin’ since the 90’s. Her VMA performance made things interesting in 2013- but for the love of God- no more references to Miley and twerking in 2014!

2. Bathroom Selfies



I love a good selfie- but the bathroom selflies dip into the TMI department. No one wants to see you trying to be sexy while standing in front of a toilet! Knock it off and find pretty places to take selflies in 2014. Kim K- this goes for you too-even if your toilet is made of 24k gold!

3. Twitter Beef



I have to admit- it can be entertaining to watch celebs fight it out on twitter- but it’s so petty and immature! Nothing scary about Internet gangsters. In 2014 let’s take it back to the old school and “say it to my face.”

4. Rich people rap lyrics



I am not a millionaire (yet) so I don’t always understand what all these rich rappers are talking about! I consider myself pretty street savvy and I’m a Hip Hop enthusiast- but rapping about Basquait paintings and Tom Ford- are way over my head. In 2014 I refuse  to google lyrics to figure out what fancy watch they are wearing!

5. The word “Ratchet”


This word has taken on a life of it’s own and unfortunately leaked into mainstream culture. It seems as if every reality show is now “ratchet reality.” (thanks VH1) If I see one more version of Love and Hip Hop or Real Housewives (which are secretly my guilty pleasures) I will scream! Enough of YOLO living and celebrating the “ratchet.” It’s 2014- let’s act like grown ups!