Miami's Party Station

Anything for Jay-Z!


Okay so with the homie Jay-Z in Miami tonight for his concert its only right i tell this story!…. OMG check it…. We all love Jay, i totally get it but how far would you go to see him in concert?!?! Run a man over!? Oh yes that happen!!!



A Houston man was selling his Jay-Z concert tickets through “craigslist” since he couldn’t attend he then went to go meet up with the ladies who wanted to purchase them from him…then the unthinkable happen…they literally stole the tickets then proceeded to run him over! Oh YES! Luckily he survived but now needs plastic surgery, not only that but he will probably never walk the same! SMH! Luckily the police located the girls by the concert seats :) BUSTED! How stupid can you be? Just for some JayZ tickets though?!?! How ratchet!!!!!! Turn down!