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My hairy kids


These are my 2 hairy kids Mr Smithers (right) and Majesty (left) i love them to death but boy are they a pain in my A _ _ !

They are so spoiled they hate being outside for more than 15 min lol they love the AC what can i say…

Smithers was a gift for Vivian’s (my girlfriend) birthday but he loves me more than her (shhh don’t tell her) Viv calls him my shadow that dog follows me everywhere, when we drive he has to sit in the center council and put his head on my arm and will not move till we arrive viv says he’s obsessed (lol) Majesty i rescued from some dude in hialeah that was selling her on craigs list.

He told me she was an inside dog and when i got to his house to pick her up she was brown and had fleas and ticks everywhere, still can’t believe a guy from hialeah lied to me ;) but i took her home gave her a bath about 8 times and realized she was white (lol) she is the sweetest dog ever she’s great with kids and she is very very smart.

I love my doggies very much but if you ask the dudes that live in kendal they say “BRO WHY DONT YOU HAVE A PIT?”

LMFAO HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Photo on 1-2-14 at 11.12 PM #5