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Chris Brown Spotted Acting Incoherently On Instagram Video



The troubled Chris Brown entered rehab on a judge’s orders back in late November for 90 days worth of treatment, but new video of him acting erratic and incoherent on video has just surfaced. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Jacquees has since deleted this video from his Instagram account.)

Brown’s longtime girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, posted a picture on her Instagram feed of the two frenching yesterday, which was captioned “Getting chrae on New Years Day haha #Corny #Ha#HappyNewYears.” But then at about 8PM last night, the up-and-coming R&B singer Jacquees posted the above video of Brown acting incoherently to his Instagram account.

“Better get ready, this is my little brother Jacquees!” Brown slurs, all the while bouncing around in an erratic fashion while wearing a camo hoodie. “He’s fitting to take over the game. I sing, but he sing, too. He about to kill y’all right now.”

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