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Charlize Theron & Sean Penn? Let’s hope so!


I Lucy Lopez once met Sean Penn…well sorta…The rumor is that Charlize & Sean are getting it on. I believe this is untrue. I also believe its no one’s business – except mine – because I sat behind him on an airplane.  Let me tell you about that one! Ok…so here I am flying back from LA and who was sitting in front of me? Sean Penn. Madonna’s Ex. That’s all I saw. I also thought of his amazing role in Mystic River. Damn that movie was good. Any ways… me being Lucy Lopez as soon as I made eye contact with this acting adonis… I said to him “Hi Sean”… He looked at me with so much hate it almost made me cry.  I couldn’t believe it. He then said… “Hello” with a smirk on his face like “How dare you talk to me.” I almost cried again.  So here I am sitting behind Academy Award winner Sean Penn. Feeling like a total dick. So I did what any sane person would do… I said, “I’m sorry for saying Hello.” He ignored me. Then I said in my super thick Miami Cuban accent: “Me alegro que el communista de mierda amigo tuyo se murio.” He further ignored me. Also, I whispered that and he didnt’ hear me, BUT hey I got that off my chest for all of Lil Havana  & my abuela. Soooo…yeah totally doubt he’s bangin’ Charlize! Highly doubt it. He’s too hot for her!

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