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“….my New Years resolutions are….”


how many times have you heard THAT one already this year?  or maybe, you are the one who makes that statement every year followed by what can only be considered your best intentions.  hey, I’m not judging.  in fact, this year I’m gonna join ya.  but with a twist.  a relationship twist.  I’m calling them RELATIONSHIP RESOLUTIONS and here they are:


1) no more SELFISH men.  ( if you think more about yourself than anyone else then we could never work.  like, ever.)

2)  no more making excuses for the person I date.  ( in other words, If you are a JERK you are just a….JERK. and more often than not my friends are TOTALLY RIGHT about you.)

3)  no sex for 90 days ( wait……this one I’m still thinking about.  how about 60 days?  no, 30? wait, I’ll get back to you on this.)

anyway, I could go on but I’m still working it all out in my head ….and heart.  here’s wishing the same for YOU!  new year