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11 months ago

Did Rihanna Burn Up Apology Letter From Chris Brown?

“Oh nah, nah, up in flames…” Did Rihanna Burn Up Apology Letter From Chris Brown? Former long-time lovers Chris Brown and Rihanna seem to have ended their toxic relationship for good after their break up earlier this summer and a new report about part of Rih’s alleged NYE festivities suggest that she’s definitely not looking back. via Hollywood Life Whatever […]


11 months ago

Rumor: YouTube Will Debut Low-Bandwidth 4K Streaming Next Week

Watching 4K video is wonderful and all, but with streaming increasingly popular and data caps largely still in place, it also still seems impractical. Not for long, though, if rumors of YouTube’s latest schemes are to be believed. A report by GigaOM claims that YouTube will demonstrate a new 4K streaming technology at CES next […]


11 months ago

Will Smith Says Goodbye To Uncle Phil With Final Photo With Late Fresh Prince Costar James Avery

When Fresh Prince Of Bel Air star James Avery died, all of America mourned the passing of their Uncle Phil. But for Will Smith, James really was Uncle Phil. Will finally addressed the passing of his friend and mentor by sharing this pic (above) on Facebook of his TV family and their formidable father figure, […]


11 months ago

‘Fast & Furious 7′ Won’t Kill Paul Walker’s Character – Music, Celebrity, Artist News

Paul Walker may be gone, but Brian O’Conner will never die. The fate of “Fast & Furious 7″ was uncertain in the days and weeks following Walker’s tragic death, but details of how the fast-racing franchise will move its seventh installment forward are starting to come to light. In the case of Walker’s fan-favorite character, […]


11 months ago

Lady Gaga Discounts Rumors, Hints at Deception in Website Vent

In a recent conversation with her fans on her LittleMonsters website, Lady Gaga hit on topics such as rumors of “ARTPOP” losing Interscope $25 million and causing layoffs at the label, trusting those around her and much more. Around the release of “ARTPOP,” an Examiner article, which has since disappeared, claimed that Gaga’s new album […]

The Hollywood Gossip

11 months ago

Lady Gaga Apologizes for Music Video Delay, Slams Greedy Betrayers

Lady Gaga is unhappy about being “betrayed.” She addressed this issue in an open letter to fans on her official website. Lady Gaga has been betrayed. And she is none too happy about it. In an open letter posted to her Little Monsters website yesterday, the singer apologized to fans for the delay in her […]


11 months ago

Charlize Theron & Sean Penn? Let’s hope so!

I Lucy Lopez once met Sean Penn…well sorta…The rumor is that Charlize & Sean are getting it on. I believe this is untrue. I also believe its no one’s business – except mine – because I sat behind him on an airplane.  Let me tell you about that one! Ok…so here I am flying back […]

Lucy Lopez

11 months ago

Welcome Back Homie!!!!

I’m so happy we are back on air. That whole family-eating- alcohol-beach-good time at every second of my life is for the birds.


11 months ago

10 Best Tunes for Your 2014 Fitness Resolutions

Here are the 10 best songs from 2013 to fuel your workouts in the year ahead.


11 months ago

The countdown to my lil baby rugrat is on!

THIS has been my life for the last several days! Stuck on my computer picking out baby shower invites. Too many choices, the verbiage, the theme, the this, the that….Lordy Lordy! If I think THIS is tough, I can only imagine BREAST feeding! I finally decided on my theme. “Momma’s Lil Bad Boy!” This is […]