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Nicki Minaj Preggo? Who cares! Ivy Unleashed is pregnant too!



NICKI MINAJ might be PREGNANT…BUT Ivy is totally Pregnant! Just like the paparazzi that  stalks NM…I too was very suspicious of Ivy.  It wasn’t her cute belly or glowing skin that gave it away…it was her boobs! Instagram gave it away.  I noticed that Ivy’s breasticles were huge! Like enormous.  So, like every nosey cuban woman… I stalked her on Insta and noticed NO DRINK PICTURES, NO PARTY PICTURES & NO REGULAR PICTURES OF IVY EVERYDAY LIFE??!!! Hmmmmmmm…. what’s that about? I never once asked anyone at work if they thought the same thing. I’m not like that. FAST FORWARD A COUPLE OF WEEKS LATER…I see IVY at work. She walks up to me. Her usual happy self and hugs me. I started crying & laughing! She looked at me and said “WTF!! what is wrong with you weirdo?” I then whispered in her ear: “OMG YOU’RE PREGNANT!” She smiled so hard and just nodded yes!!! I then got mad at her bc I thought everyone knew this valuable/possible black mailing information. She then told me that DJ ZOG figured it out just the day before. She also told me she wanted to surprise me.  BOTTOM LINE…who cares that NICKI might be knocked up..the only pregnant celebrity that matters: IVY UNLEASHED.


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