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HA! Beyonce, Kelly & Michelle PHOTOBOMB & Surprise Drunken Karaoke Chicks


So…here’s one of those times when you determine if your friend is really your friend. Whether or not they wake your drunken self up….when Beyonce is in your face. Check out Bey, Kelly, and Michelle’s hilarious drunken photo bomb at a Miami karaoke club inside…

According to The YBF.com – Beyonce, Jay Z, Timbaland, Kelly and Michelle walk into a bar. In Miami. For karaoke. And what went down at SingSing Miami that night was funny as hell.

The owner of the karaoke bar, Kellie Pilicer, says that last night, the whole crew came in looking extra casual (same night as Blue Ivy’s second birthday). They came super late when only two of the 17 booths were occupied. And after Kellie was shocked to see it was Beyonce who was the woman who walked in asking her where the bathroom was, shenanigans went down after that.

Bey reportedly asked where the other two occupied rooms were–not because she thought they would be a bother–because she wanted to go surprise them.

So Bey and Kelly were caught on video entering the booth of 3 chicks who were reportedly there singing and drinking away for 6 hours. The girls were dancing it up with the D-Child chicks without even recognizing who they were. And when they finally did, they were shocked for their lives. Too bad one of the three was passed out asleep.