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3 Hour Orgasms Kill.


A Down Low Article by LUCY LOPEZ.

“Orgasms are fun,” says every human being on earth. Take Liz. She had sex with her lover and had an orgasm that lasted three hours.She finally had to go to the ER to get it to stop.

Picture 11

::le sigh::

Sometimes, I think people are either awesome liars or are crazy lucky. If I were to lie about something I would lie about something simple like: My boobs are fake. OR that I saw a UFO. I’m not saying Miss Liz is lying…I’m really NOT…but how can doctors really access that she is having an orgasm? Is there a tool that measures such things? Is there a doctor that walks in a room and says “Yes that’s an orgasm!” I find this story to be bullcrap. I really do. I want to believe it so much, but don’t. As a matter of fact…how much you wanna bet this lady turns PORN TRICKS in a few months. Vivid Entertainment can you hear me?

Three hour orgasm? GTFOH!!!

PS. My boobs are real.

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