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Hi everyone, it’s your boy DJ LS here and today I wanted to talk about a documentary which just made me shed tears the whole way through.  I’m talking about the aww inspiring story of Sam Berns.  A 13 year old boy who suffers from Progeria a disease that ages the vital organs of the body at a far much accelerated rate than that of an average human.  This story chronicles his parents fight but most importantly his mom’s fight to help find a cure for Progeria.  This documentary is one everyone should watch because very much like Lorenzo’s Oil, it depicts a story of parents who never accepted failure as an option to finding a cure for their son’s disease.

We all know people and sometime’s family who struggle with illnesses which we many times know very little about and know very little about how to help.  I ask you to take time to watch this life changing documentary and spread the word.  Many times the best help we can provide is nothing more than awareness to the world. Watch his story and then let the world know about it.  Help create awareness.

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