Miami's Party Station

Oh hey cold front!


Oh its here… Grab your snuggies and lite the fire WINTER has officially reached South Florida! I was born and raised right outsde of Philly so winter for me was always full of snow, hats, hoodies,puffy jackets, and nights by the fire place its pretty different here in Miami! Just the other day i was laying on South Beach tanning and days later I’m searching through my closet trying to find clothes that aren’t meant for summer..so weird bro!!!



One thing i never understood, people always ask me “DD, your from yup North why are you cold”? Umm BRO!!! bc its FREAKIN COLD!!!!!!!!..i am human lol!! Ive been in Miami for a little over 4 years my body totally adjusted to the warmth so when the temp drops like this it definitely catches me off guard every time! But hey, just bc its cold doesn’t mean the turn up stops….so grab your favorite hoodie or your favorite blanket ( yes leave those Uggs in the box)  and TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!!!!!