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I loved video games growing up, who am i kidding i still do (mostly sports games)

My first system was Colecovision, then we upgraded to Nintendo and of course Mario Bro’s was the ish !!

What an amazing game, a short fat italian guy has to save a HOT princess from a Lizard !

Then i upgraded to 64 bits of graphics!! SEGA GENESIS introduced us to that brave hedge hog SONIC… that dude got all the chicks !

But my favorite video game of all time is (drum roll please) wait for it …………….. MORTAL KOMBAT II

I LOVE THAT GAME !!! (FINISH HIM) my favorite character is LUI KANG followed by Scorpion…

I mean who had a better fatality than Lui Kang ? the dude turned into a dragon and would eat half your body ! (AWESOME)

Melina was pretty dope also but she had a banged up grill (fans of the game will understand)

So what was or is your favorite video game ?

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