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AE Lingerie brand makes a bold statement: NO more photoshop! The real “you” is sexy


It’s about time! Finally young girls will be able to see “themselves” in ads for lingerie. I love this idea- because young girls have so much pressure to look perfect- and no one really is! Even supermodels have a random stretch mark or cellulite. Kudos to AE for this refreshing ad campaign!
“The lingerie division of teen retailer American Eagle, is making a bold statement. In a world of magazines often filled with impossible ideals, they’ve decided to debut their newest campaign with real girls. For real — as in, no photoshop, no retouching. “We’ve left everything,” expert Jenny Altman told Good Morning America, “We left beauty marks, we left tattoos, what you see is really what you get.” With the campaign, #aerieREAL, the brand wants to show young women (their demographic is ages 15-21) the importance of embracing their own true beauty.”Time to think real. Time to get real. No supermodels. No retouching. Because the real you is sexy.”

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