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Dear Tom Brady, an open letter to my #MCM



Dear Tom,

I know your bummed the Patriots lost the AFC championship game. I am too- my son has played football for the last 3 years on the Patriots. My whole family loves the Pats (except my hubby who is a diehard Jet-we don’t speak during football season) Unfortunately all of New England will mourn the pre Super Bowl celebrations this year. Everyone will blame you and the media will tear you to shreds. So what if Manning is a “better quarterback” and you “missed opportunities” during the game. I am here to tell you it’s ok. Don’t be sad- you have options! Not many football players are equal parts beauty, brains, and brawn. You have the looks of Adonis but yet you continue to play football and risk ruining your face. Please take this downtime to reflect on football and come to terms with what may be your true calling- MODELING. Endorse more brands and take more shirtless pictures. Take a page out of your wife’s book and be a full time supermodel. The ladies will thank you, and the media will praise you. You were the only reason I watched football, and now I must resort to cyber stalking you and making you my #MCM every week.

Your biggest Brady Stan,


Ladies- these pics are for you! #yourwelcome

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