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Blurred Lines


Talk about blurred lines…So check it.. Robin Thicke was in Paris over the weekend partying with non other than…oh yes…KANYE WEST! Well, while Robin is photoed turning up as he should, whos the girl he’s hugging up on? That ain’t his wifey of 9 years and baby mama Paula Patton!!!! You’ve got some explaining to do sir!!!!!

robin-thicke-kanye-west robin-thicke-kanye-west 1


 Not a good way to kick off 2014…Cheating!!!!!! Now, i know pictures can be deceiving and 90% of the time your speculations are false so i hope this is just a misunderstanding bc I’d totally hate to see this couple fall apart!!!!!!! Come on Robin, get yo life!!!!!!!! At least we know the turn up was beyond real!! :) Til next time folks…turn up…and don’t cheat!!!!!