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It’s a time crunch! Maternity pics here we go!



So no one told me doing all these pregnacy things would be so stressful! Lol Getting ready for maternity pics is a BIG deal! This is what I’ll look back on as my memory, what I’ll show off to friends & family, and what I’ll have hung up in every other room to remind myself that YES! I can definitely get prego on the kitchen counter! I’m so indecisive about what poses or style to go with. Is there such thing as being too sexy? Is it too cheesy? Will I look back years later & say “Ivy, what he hell were u thinking!” I think I’m just being hormonal & overthinking it. I’ve narrowed it down to a few choices. Now the real comedic part will be when me and my huge belly tries to look cute and totally don’t have balance issues!