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Campaign: No More Pamper Booty.


Pamper Booty yo.

Ladies. Hi.

This is a campaign for women to give up the Pamper Booty look.

Pamper Booty. (n) {Pam-purr Boo-tee} When it looks like one is wearing a diaper (Pamper) commonly as a result of abusing ass-shots.

Ok so now we all know what a Pamper Booty is. This… is not cute. Let me just say that you should love your body, take care of it, and all that other stuff you have already read in Cosmopolitan magazine.

BUTT, if you are getting shots injected to you booty to make it look bigger cause you are following the Kim K trend, please stop. Cause all of a sudden you’re going to wake up and it’s going to look like you’re wearing a Pamper with a lil’ something in it.

I have provided some before and after pictures that clearly demonstrate the difference between a nice, healthy, NORMAL booty and the effects of long-term butt injections.

Kim Kardashian Shops At Christian Louboutin In Tight Jeans And A Leather Peplum Top FFN_Kardashian_Kim_ZEUSAPOLLO_081712_50861409

kimkardashiankingmagazine-004 < — Before the Pamper Booty.

{Sidenote: I am obvi not a doctor… So yeah that was a disclaimer.}

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