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Drake singing Spanish music?


So if your from South Florida your definitely familiar with bachata singer Romeo Santos…well, this morning he released a new single from his upcoming album Formula Vol.2 called called “Odio”… So check it, i don’t completely understand all the lyrics bc i don’t speak or understand Spanish but what i do understand is…..DRAKE!!!!!




That’s right! My favorite guy did a collaboration with Santos! Seems like they re fighting to capture the attention of the female they seek so obviously they re fighting for a female who is already taken but if you know my boo Drake you know his charm is a felony so how could she say No, am i right? He raps ” don’t worry bout it, just keep speaking Spanish, I’ll get it translated you know your my baby”….WHAT!!!! We love you drizzy!!!!!! Take a listene below! Til next time folks….TURN UP!!!!!

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