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Proud gun owner


So lets just say that i RESPECT guns a lot and i never thought i would own one.

but i was wrong yesterday i purchased my first fire arm (Charlton Heston would be proud)

I am now the proud owner of a Glock 19 9mm, i will be taking all the saftey classes because i am a responsible adult =) and IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO !!!

Been to the range a couple of times and i must say i am a pretty good shot for a novice so cuidado lol

Why would you buy a gun J.P. ? you might ask

Well i asked my self that very same question and the one answer that i kept coming up with was “MY FAMILY” and making sure they are safe (can’t argue with that)

ooh and also to put the fear of GOD in any little snot nose punk that thinks he’s going to date any of my daughters¬†2ndAmendment=)