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Lauren Conrad, What’s Your Favorite Position? 3 Letters.


In a recent interview with Sway, Lauren Conrad was asked “What is your favorite {sex} position?”

Her reaction surprised me. In the sexual maelstrom that seems drive the entertainment world, Conrad, cute, poised, and quick, responds with, “C-E-O”.

I effing LOVE this. TAKE THAT SWAY and all you other perverts who wanted to know what it is she likes behind closed doors…

I mean does anyone REALLY even care? Like, HEY you wanna know what Lauren Conrad’s favorite position is? No??? THAT’S RIVETING STUFF MAN.

Sometimes I think that as women, growing up in the entertainment world or not, we are sexualized and as a knee-jerk reaction will say what we think we are “supposed” to say. I applaud Lauren Conrad and wish that young women had more examples of women striving for and/or achieving chief/leadership status represented in pop culture. Sadly, that is not really popular culture. But that idea is a step in the right direction. I am now Team LC.





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