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Yaaay! My Maternity Photoshoot <3



Super crazy how my belly is getting bigger and the time to pop is getting closer and closer. Ahhhhh!!! It really is unbelievable! I finally did my maternity shoot at 7 1/2 months, and was nervous about how the pics would come out, if I’d feel comfortable…All that stuff. But it ended up being the easiest and most fun shoot I’ve EVER done! It didn’t feel forced, I was comfy as heck walking around half naked with a huge belly, and my friends were there to make me feel like a queen! We even teared up as we scrolled through the pics in the camera. Such a surreal moment! It was so picture perfect! All that was missing was my mimosa…ahhhh…how I’ve been craving one! 2 and a half more months & my lil bundle of joy will be waking me up fighting with daddy over my boobies! Lol