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Kendall Jenner with Boobs ALL OUT!


When my eyes first spotted Kendall’s boobs out again, my conservative big sister side screamed “ooooooh M G!!!” She was in a completely sheer brown top and a wig at the Marc Jacobs fashion show, which was her NY Fashion Week debut. That’s definitely a HUGE accomplishment, but did we have to debut the twins as well? I mean the Kardashian’s are not known for taking things slow, thinking things through, or having the best moral judgement. As long as momma manager sees dollar signs, it’s a GO! Khloe Kardashian went on IG and said, “My baby sister killed it today.” Kim Kardashian also weighed in, saying … “Proudest sister ever!!!!” I mean maybe I’m just hating because it’s not ME on the catwalk? Maybe I just have it embedded in my head that everything and anything they do is always wrong becasue the media said so? Or maybe the damn girl needs to just put a darn shirt on!!  Damn you Kim! Look at what you and your sex tape have created. lol….

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